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Are You Running On Empty?

As we enter the first month of 2015 this is a perfect time to reflect upon the past year and determine what really matters, who you want in your life, and how 2015 will be more abundant, peaceful and prosperous. Experience tells me that everything […]

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Parenting Through a Divorce

Whether an adult or child, adjusting through a divorce takes time. It’s hardest for everyone during the first year, when changes are new. This is the time to protect your children from whatever adverse conditions the divorce may impact. For instance: If possible, shield them […]

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Healthy Divorce Tips

If you or a loved one is going through a divorce, it can be a very difficult time. But it doesn’t necessarily have to. The American Psychological Association (www.apa.org) published the article below. The article provides tips about how to keep your divorce “healthy” and […]

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How Divorce Can Make You a Better Person

In many ways, surviving a divorce can make you a stronger, more capable person. We found a great article on www.womansday.com that provides some insight on how this experience can help improve your life in unexpected ways. It talks about how you learn to take […]

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Divorce, Stress and Your Health

Even the most ‘friendly’ divorce can be stressful, whether you’re the one leaving or being left. There are so many things to think of and take care of like custody of any children involved, division of joint property, and the long term financial effects of […]

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Divorcing When You Have Adult Children

Divorce is never easy for any family, especially if you have adult children. When children are older, they have already had longer-established family rituals and memories. Divorce can cause much more of an impact on adult children than on younger children. Telling your adult children […]

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How To Deal With Divorce In The New Year

Adjusting to a new year is compounded by the stress of finding a new life after divorce. You can make the transition more positive by implementing New Year resolutions as a way to overcome the upheaval of your former life.   Here are 5 resolutions […]

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How to Nurture Your Parent-Child Relationship

When going through a divorce we worry about our children and how they’re feeling.  We want to make certain that they know how much we love them and that we will be there for them, whether Mom and Dad are together or not.  We feel […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Helping Our Kids Survive Divorce

Divorce is a stressful and sometimes traumatic event. A partnership that we entered, expecting it to be “for better or worse” and “in sickness and in health,” all of a sudden is ending and may leave us feeling lost and adrift. Our future may be […]

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Learning to Let Go and Start Over

Today’s guest blogger provides lessons learned from her own divorce experience about moving on or “whiting out” those difficult and challenging times in life. White Out During our annual school supplies shopping spree, I discovered “White Out” was the item on the top of my […]

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How Can Our Divorce Attorneys Help You?

If you have made the decision to begin legal proceedings, start by being an advocate for yourself. Let DAWN's family law and divorce attorneys help secure your rights.

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