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Learn How to Survive Divorce by Leaving the Past Behind You

Learn how to survive divorce by keeping your focus off of the things perceived as lost. Our expert guest blogger suggests to keep a more positive train of thought and suggests uplifting topics where you can focus. Forget What You Have Lost: After your divorce, you can either dwell on […]

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Child Visitation: When There Are Problems

After two parents’ divorce, visitation schedules for the children involved are meant to be, as legal doctrine states, “…in the best interest of the child…”(www.divorcesupport.about.com). But they don’t always work smoothly in the day-to-day lives of divorced families. One issue parents might face is when […]

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Keys to Cooperative Co-Parenting After Divorce

Children of divorce do best when both of their parents continue to be actively involved in their lives. It’s the ongoing connection that makes the positive difference for these children, minimizing the fact that their parents no longer live together. That’s why co-parenting is so […]

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DAWN Sponsors The Yoga Movement – Yoga At The Zoo!

DAWN happily sponsored The Yoga Movement – Yoga At The Zoo on Sunday, June 29th 2014! It was a very successful event that brought 600+ people together for a great morning of yoga, music and fun. From beginner to expert, Yoga At The Zoo turned out […]

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Talking to Children About Divorce Takes Parental Sensitivity and Compassion!

Children are affected by divorce differently at different ages and in reaction to differing circumstances in their lives. But one thing’s for certain, they need to be part of ongoing dialogue about your divorce before, during and long after so they feel connected to you, […]

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Helpful Books About Divorce For You and Your Children

It’s not easy to explain all the aspects and emotions of divorce to your children. Sometimes reading them a book can help them understand and work through what they are feeling. www.parents.com published a top 10 list of helpful books about divorce that we thought […]

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How To Tell Your Kids That You’re Getting a Divorce

The divorce of one’s parents is a memorable moment for any child not only because it is a major change, but because it is a major change in the foundation that their life has been built upon – family. Your children might have heard stories […]

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Talk, Talk, Talk – Make Sure to Listen!

When talking to your children about divorce, you want to make the talk age appropriate. Telling a three year old that mommy or daddy won’t be living in the home is different than telling an eight year old or a twelve year old. The guidelines below […]

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Advice for Divorcés Helping Those Going Through a Divorce

Many of us who’ve been through a divorce find ourselves in a position where we’re asked, or wanting, to give advice to a friend who’s going through the same thing. According to the article “8 Ways Divorcés Can Help Those Going Through Divorce Now” on […]

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Is It Time To File For A Divorce?

Making the decision to end a marriage is not an easy one. And oftentimes, the time period leading up to that decision is as stressful (if not more so), than the actual leaving. I know that when I came to a crossroads in my marriage, […]

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How Can Our Divorce Attorneys Help You?

If you have made the decision to begin legal proceedings, start by being an advocate for yourself. Let DAWN's family law and divorce attorneys help secure your rights.

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