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Celebrating Holidays – Divorce Style

Holidays can be brutal for the children of divorced parents. Kids often feel incomplete. If the children spend most of the time with you and your partner, they will no doubt feel torn about not being with poor Mom or Dad. Try to respect the […]

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Is Your Marriage Worth Saving?

Every relationship is different. Marriages end for different reasons. Divorces are avoided for different reasons. So, first understanding the value of your relationship is a great first step in determining what can (or can’t) be done to save a marriage that may be headed to […]

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The Story of My Single Mom

I am married, and I am a dad. I cannot tell you from the point of view of a single mother, how to parent a child. Yet, I still feel qualified to write this piece as I am the result of being raised by a […]

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Dividing Assets During A Divorce

Making the decision to separate or even divorce is a tough pill to swallow. Couple in the decision to equally divide up assets and it can be quite a challenge. State laws differ so you need to understand that you are not guaranteed to get […]

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Get Outside Yourself to Survive Divorce

It is easy to dwell on all the changes you’re going through during the process of divorce.  From relief to frustration, and hope to despair, just about every feeling in the book will overwhelm you at one point or another.  We asked our experts how […]

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Learn How Co-Parenting Creates a Home

It’s the little things that make Dad’s house a home for your kids. When my ex-husband and I divorced, I knew that our sons (then ages 5 and 8) would be spending a lot of time at their dad’s new apartment. Since I wanted it […]

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Deciding Your Path, Fight or Flight?

Struggling to find the right answers in a marriage that is faltering is a terrible feeling. Questions flood our minds like, “how long are we supposed to try?” or “what if nothing ever changes, will it be this way forever?” If you’re spinning around the […]

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R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Recovery: Surviving After Divorce

Those long agonized seconds in the mornings when I first came back to consciousness after the restless nights were the seconds I hated most. I dreaded those gut-wrenching moments when I realized — again — that the life I had known for 33 years was […]

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Divorce, Kids and Custody – Tips to Help You Through It

Divorce is never an easy thing, especially for the children involved. As adults going through divorce, it’s easy to get wrapped up in our needs and we fail to see how our decisions and actions affect those around us and sometimes lose touch with their […]

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Finding the Sun; Life After Divorce

As anyone who’s been through a divorce can tell you, it can be (and usually is), a very painful experience. Even the most amicable of splits, or the ones we knew had to happen, may still leave us with lonely nights spent wondering what went […]

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How Can Our Divorce Attorneys Help You?

If you have made the decision to begin legal proceedings, start by being an advocate for yourself. Let DAWN's family law and divorce attorneys help secure your rights.

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