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Mind Your Ps (Purpose, Passion and Planning)!

Starting over after divorce is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage and persistence to redesign your life as a divorced mom! However, by focusing on your three Ps (Purpose, Passion and Planning) you will have the tools you need to get clear […]

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Explaining Shared Custody to the Kids

When the court awards shared or joint custody during a divorce settlement it means that the children will divided their time between both parents. Once this has been determined the parents will need to work through the details and logistics of works, school, sport and […]

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How to Protect the Parent / Child Relationship

When transitioning from married to divorced it is sometimes necessary to go through periods of waiting. Our expert guest blogger reminds us the importance of setting that burden aside while protecting the relationship that each of us has with our children. Be Civil Around the […]

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Unhappy Together

“We’re staying together until the kids are out of the house.” It’s the excuse many struggling couples make as to why they stay together in the face of relationship disaster. The sentiment behind the statement is admirable: “We will forge through this adversity so that […]

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9 Empowering Tips to Get You Through the Holidays

Empowerment is one of those words that’s often tossed around, but not many people know what it really means. Consider empowerment to be an individual process, a journey or path you take in order to achieve desires and fulfillment. During the holidays, it’s especially important […]

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10 Signs Your Child is Handling Divorce in a Positive Way

Divorce has a major impact on a family in many ways, especially when children are involved. So how do you know if your child is doing “OK” with the divorce? This article from www.familyshare.com provides a list of 10 signs for you to know if […]

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Your Spouse Filed for Divorce…Now What?

Divorce is almost never easy, even when both parties agree it’s time to part ways. But what about when the request to dissolve the marriage takes one half of the couple by surprise? When one thought everything was fine and suddenly finds him/herself staring at […]

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Single parenthood has lots of examples to follow, because single-parent families are more common than ever. Currently, there are 10 million single moms, keeping up with the demands of work, home and personal life–single-handedly. Here are some tips from women who have succeeded in this […]

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Celebrating Holidays – Divorce Style

Holidays can be brutal for the children of divorced parents. Kids often feel incomplete. If the children spend most of the time with you and your partner, they will no doubt feel torn about not being with poor Mom or Dad. Try to respect the […]

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Is Your Marriage Worth Saving?

Every relationship is different. Marriages end for different reasons. Divorces are avoided for different reasons. So, first understanding the value of your relationship is a great first step in determining what can (or can’t) be done to save a marriage that may be headed to […]

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How Can Our Divorce Attorneys Help You?

If you have made the decision to begin legal proceedings, start by being an advocate for yourself. Let DAWN's family law and divorce attorneys help secure your rights.

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