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Divorce, Kids and Custody – Tips to Help You Through It

Divorce is never an easy thing, especially for the children involved. As adults going through divorce, it’s easy to get wrapped up in our needs and we fail to see how our decisions and actions affect those around us and sometimes lose touch with their […]

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Finding the Sun; Life After Divorce

As anyone who’s been through a divorce can tell you, it can be (and usually is), a very painful experience. Even the most amicable of splits, or the ones we knew had to happen, may still leave us with lonely nights spent wondering what went […]

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5 Ways To Know Your Kids Are Doing OK With Your Divorce

They continue to do well at school When school grades fall or aggressive behavior develops, parents need to be proactive and not wait on the sidelines. Conversations with teachers and school counselors can give you a better perspective on your child’s needs. Don’t hesitate to […]

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Tips for a Better Divorce

Love can be among the most beautiful and rewarding experiences in human life. It leads to things like children, families and marriage. However, love is an incredibly complex emotion, and there are various factors that go into keeping a happy marriage. Sometimes life proves to […]

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Embrace the Change: Live Your Best Life After Divorce

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” Those going through a divorce may not believe this statement. If you are told over and over how dumb, ugly, or worthless you are, you begin to believe it. This verbal […]

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How to Help Your Children Get Through Divorce

Since children are egocentric, they should be your first consideration when contemplating divorce. They have to know that the decision you’ve made is not their fault and they have done nothing wrong. Help them to understand divorcing is what you believe to be the best […]

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5 Tips for Divorcing Parents

No magic words can eliminate the hurt children feel when they hear that their parents are divorcing. Although this is a sad time, there are steps that parents can take to minimize the impact that divorce has on their children.   Here are 5 tips […]

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Dating after divorce tip #1: Don’t feel that you “should” start dating, just because someone else thinks so. Wait until you are ready, when you not only feel good about yourself, but you also feel comfortable about meeting new friends. Dating after divorce tip #2: […]

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How to Define Your Boundaries to Avoid Drama

The hurt of divorce can drive us to do and say things that we may normally never dream of doing or saying.  If you find yourself wondering, did that really just happen?  Maybe it’s time to take a step back and define some straight boundaries […]

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10 Things Every Woman Going Through a Divorce Wants to Hear

Going through a divorce is never easy, so having a good friend to lean on during the process can help. Thestir.com published a list of 10 things every woman going through a divorce wants to hear.  All these statements will let her know you care and can help make […]

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How Can Our Divorce Attorneys Help You?

If you have made the decision to begin legal proceedings, start by being an advocate for yourself. Let DAWN's family law and divorce attorneys help secure your rights.

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