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5 Tips to Help Single Parents Survive the Summer

Being a single parent can be challenging on even the most relaxed days, but summertime brings a whole new set of challenges. There’s the heat and the bugs, the cuts and the scrapes, and the inevitable “Mom I’m bored” heard by every parent at least […]

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Signs it May or May Not Be Time to Divorce

Divorce is a crucial decision, which will affect your life and the lives of your family for unknown and countless years. Instead of improving your life, a divorce may give you another set of problems to deal with. Getting ready for a divorce transition begins […]

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Being A Single Mom – 3 Key Things I Do Everyday

It hit me around 9:00 am that I felt as though I was dragging my body around and I stopped and wondered ‘why?’ Taking a break to think more clearly, I reminded myself that I woke at 4:30 a.m. and began my day with clear […]

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Talking to Kids About Divorce

How you talk to your kids about divorce can make all the difference. Sometimes, especially with younger children, you don’t even need to use the word “divorce.” A brief and simple explanation of what changes might be happening is a great start. For example, “Daddy […]

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How to Relieve Your Everyday Stress

Stress can be very overwhelming at times, especially when going through a divorce. So, what are you doing to manage your stress levels? While feeling stressed is a somewhat involuntary reaction to everything going on around us, there are definitely things we can do to […]

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Helping a Friend Through Divorce

Given that approximately 50% of US marriages will end in divorce, it is likely that you will encounter a divorcing friend more than a few times in your life. Many times, knowing what to do or say is uncomfortable and tricky. Sometimes the old, “I’m […]

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What to Bring to Your First Appointment with Your Divorce Attorney

There are a lot of things that will go on at your first visit to your divorce attorney, much of which involves a whole slew of questions and answers. Your attorney will attempt to gain as much information as possible, from which she/he can get […]

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A divorce can be debilitating, not only emotionally but also financially. In the aftermath of this life transition, re-establishing financial well-being will give you peace of mind. This begins by taking the time today to rebuild for tomorrow, with these five tips: 1. Review: Get […]

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Ways to Rebuild Your Self Confidence After Divorce

Separation or divorce can take its toll on our self-esteem. Even if you initiated the divorce you can experience tremendous emotional turmoil along with guilt, anxiety and insecurity. Those who were caught off guard or did not choose the break-up can come away feeling psychologically […]

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Financial Advice For Women

Adjusting to a new financial life during and after a divorce can be a learning curve for some women. We contacted several experts for the best financial advice available for women. Here are six tips to help you get started on the road to financial […]

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How Can Our Divorce Attorneys Help You?

If you have made the decision to begin legal proceedings, start by being an advocate for yourself. Let DAWN's family law and divorce attorneys help secure your rights.

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